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COURSE OBJECTIVE: In this era of  massive unemployment it becomes very pertinent to acquire practical skills, this skills will go a long way in positioning one for self employment and to get gainful employment in the areas of information technology support this course is taught from the basics, the course would inculcate into the students the practical aspect of hardware (components identification, functionality and troubleshooting procedures), software (installation procedures and data recovery), networking (The art of data communication). The course would also prepare students for A+, N+, CNST and CST Professional exams and make them self employed and competent.



School leavers, computer engineering and other graduates of related fields with little or no practical knowledge who wants to acquire practical skills that will put them in better standing for gainful or self  employment.

Students with the knowledge of desktop publishing that wants to further their knowledge in the areas of computer engineering and networking.

Students with little or no knowledge in IT who wants to go into the IT profession, as we start the training from the basics Software professionals that needs practical knowledge on hardware 

Individuals  who wants to go into the information technology business either in the areas of technical support or sales undergoing this course will serve as a gateway to achieving your dreams .Below is comprehensive details of our course outlines

Certificate in Laptop and Desktop Engineering plus Basic Network.

Course Fee:            40,000

Course Duration: 3Months

Days:                       Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Payment:                50% before Admission

Time:                       10am-2pm

                                                 Course Outline








Introduction to computer/laptop

Identification of computer/laptop component such as: RAM, Hard disk drive (HDD), Wi-Fi card, PCMCIA Card, DVD/CDR Drive, Speaker, Exhaust Fan, Processor(CPU), Heat Sink, Motherboard, LCD Screen etc.





Laptop Keyboard And its Replacement

1) The inner view and Architecture. 2)Keyboard connectors and lock removing method 3) Touchpad review/touchpad troubleshooting





RAM (Random Access Memory)

Types of : a) Static RAM (RAM), b) Dynamic RAM (DRAM).

Types of Laptop RAM: (SODIMM) and (MICRODIMM).

Identity the different between: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. Removing and installing of RAM





Hard disk drive (HDD)

Types of HDD: a)IDE b)SATA c)SSD d)External Hard Drive. Capacity of internal HDD.

HDD maintenance, installation and troubleshooting


Optical Drive





Comparison of different optical drives: CD ROM, DVD ROM, DVDRW etc.

Installation and removing of optical drives






Laptop Processor (CPU)

Processor core technologies: a) Dual core b) Quad core c) multiple core.

How to remove the CPU and install CPU.

How to reduce CPU temperature, CPU cooling Fan and Heat Sink.







How BIOS works

BIOS IC identification for laptop/desktop motherboard and set up for different brands of laptop/desktop.

Updating your BIOS and why updating BIOS software.

BIOS setup utilities and some common BIOS messages.

CMOS battery location on motherboard and different types of CMOS battery.

How to reset and remove a BIOS or CMOS password






Laptop Display Section

Types of display: LCD and TFT.

LCD parts review:

a)External display

b) LCD Hinge.

How to replace broken and damage screen of different laptop brands






Operating System (OS)

What is operating system?

Hard disk drive (HDD) preparation, partitioning and formatting.

Types and method of installing different types of operating systems: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, 8 and 10 etc.









Utility software

Installation and maintenance of utilities software /application software such as Microsoft office, Corel Draw, anti-virus etc. 

Maintenance of the computer using Disk fragmentation, scan disk, software update etc.





General Laptop Troubleshooting

a)CPU and GPU related problems and solutions.

b)Laptop overheating problem and possible solution

c)keyboard related problem and solution

d)Network and USB failure and solutions

e)Hard drive (HDD) problem and Hard drive Back up

f)RAM related problems/checksum error and the solutions






Definition of Network/Network classification


What is Network?

Network Classification such as LAN, WAN, MAN etc.

Network topologies (Bus topology, star topology,

mesh topology, wireless topology etc.






Basic Administration Network Model and TCP/IP Fundamentals

Network model such as Client/server network and

Peer-to-peer network.

IP Addressing:

   Network class

   Subnet mask

    Reserve IP address

    Viewing IP Configuration

Assigning IP Address:

    Dynamic host configuration protocol(DHCP)

    Automatic IP addressing

    TCP/IP Troubleshooting







Practical on Network implementation

Practical on network infrastructure using twisted pair cables (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 etc.)